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DENTON, TEXAS- SUPPORT Small Town Grrrl rock/punk/jazz/hip hop/spoken word/comedy/zines/reproductive autonomy/empowerment!

In celebration of the artistic contributions of local women, we present Denton TX’s Second Annual Femme Fest. This event is intended to celebrate and honor the artistic contributions and talents of rising local female artists who are often underrepresented in their communities.

This year we are benefiting the amazing Cicada Collective, a local group of Reproductive Justice Organizers who aim to provide access to reproductive resources for local communities who do not have access to these resources such as communities of color, the LGBTQ community along with undocumented, incarcerated or criminalized people. 

This event will also be the premiere of Muchacha Fanzine’s 8th issue “Nuestros Cuerpos/Our Bodies.” If you would like to submit poetry, short stories, essays, visual art, photography, comics, rants, etc. concerning reproductive rights please email your submissions to Daisy at by Thursday, November 14th.

To donate to our event visit our kickstarter page.

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