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Brown Queen: Our Voz Our Arte

Celebrating Latinas in the Arts

Denton TX – In celebration of Mexican culture on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, Muchacha Fanzine and The Wounded Healer’s Collective, proudly presents Denton’s first Latina artist showcase “Brown Queen: Our Voz Our Arte” on Cinco de Mayo located in downtown Denton. This cultural celebration is intended to honor, celebrate, and support the cultural contributions and talents of rising local Latina artists. We hope this event can serve to bring attention to Latin@/Hispanic culture and women of color contributions within the artistic community of Denton and the larger DFW metroplex.

Brown Queen: Our Voz Our Arte is brought to you by one of the organizers of the Denton Annual Femme fest, Muchacha Fanzine, a local Latina feminist zine and The Wounded Healer’s Collective, an initiative comprised primarily of local women of color artists, graduate students, and staff from Texas Woman’s University who promote art as a tool for community building and development. This event will include spoken word poetry, comedy, dance, diverse musical performances, food, as well as a visual art auction open to the public. This event will also premiere Muchacha Fanzine’s newest issue “Brown Queen” which includes diverse submissions of poetry, short stories, and visual art by Latina artists around the world.

We invite YOU to consider being involved in the conservation and creation of culture through the arts by donating to our KICKSTARTER EVENT PAGE. All donations will be used towards event costs. All proceeds of this event will also be donated to the participating local Latina artists as a statement of appreciation, support, and solidarity in the continued nurturance and development of Latina’s in the arts.

For any further information please contact Daisy Salinas at and Erica GDLR at egranadosdelarosa@mail.twu .edu o

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    Everyone come out and join us for this amazing Cinco de Mayo celebration!
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    I hope everyone in the Denton/Dallas area is able to make it out to Brown Queen tonight to support local WOC artists!...
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    A very cool thing to do if you’re in the DFW area :D
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    yeuuhhhh~ super excited for this event.
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