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This is for any funny feminist who is tired of being labeled “too serious”.

For the fourth issue of my fanzine Muchacha I have decided that the theme be “Who Says Feminists Don’t Have A Sense of Humor?” The purpose of this issue is to combat the stereotype that feminists are always angry/unfunny/too serious/uptight. I’m looking for satirical/humorous thoughts, poetry, stories, essays, quotes, rants, analysis, art, collages, doodles, comics, or photography from a feminist perspective. Whether it’s half a page or 4 pages, e-mail me (Daisy) at to submit your work. The deadline is September 1st. Help me in reclaiming the fact that “funny feminist” is not an oxymoron.

Please reblog for open submissions. I would really appreciate it.

Funny Feminists Unite!

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