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I’m a black man and it’s time to be accountable. It’s always left to black women to do and say everything. I decided to make these an post them, where i live, and travel. I want to state that the language is of this area (chicagoland) an directed solely at young black men who live here so it maybe off putting to people not from here. with that said im not posting all of the fliers here. Feel free to save. print an post these at your convince. This is part of SEU Blackstorm project. More to come.. - Yumii

You can follow our progess and future events here.

these are dope. seen em in hyde park, need to be national. yall know how it feels to see a sign defining misogyny and with a black power fist on it when youre just walking down the street?? exciting as fuck

I’m gonna start posting these around campus.


a Queer Ink Publishing project



Calling all femmes with pens!

Maybe you grew up being teased by the other kids for being a boring old girly-girl. Maybe you’re tired of “brainless bimbo” and “pretty princess” stereotypes. Maybe you tried being more like the boys, and just didn’t get what’s so great about it. Maybe you don’t understand why people dressed in skirts and flowery dresses are not supposed to be loud and proud—you kick butt, whether you wear boots or stilettoes. Maybe you’re sick of the assumption that “feminine” equals “addicted to fashion and beauty treatments”. Maybe you’re a feminist wondering what your femininity means to you—because you sure don’t agree with the way society defines it. Or maybe you’re that guy, the one who’s been mocked for being feminine his whole life and doesn’t see why “You’re such a girl!” is a bad thing. Maybe you thought you had transcended mainstream society’s unwritten laws of gender and restrictive definitions of femininity when you embraced your queerness—and suddenly you found yourself in a parallel framework, dealing with the same old  ideas painted in new words.

Maybe you thought: Oh hells no. This ends here.

Accounts from all over the world are beginning to trickle in about sexism present in queer communities; preliminary research suggests as many as 60% of feminine-presenting female individuals of any sexual orientation experience femmephobia. The world seems to have let out a collective sigh: it’s time to talk about how we relate to one another within our communities as well as without.

But that’s the world. We’re interested in you.

We’re charting this conversation as it applies to South Asia—our stories, our lives, our problems, and our triumphs. Can we critique communities that are already under threat without being declared traitors? How do we forge an authentic identity when so many of us are rendered invisible by both society and our communities? How do we define ourselves in the face of such great pressure to conform to someone or the other’s idea of acceptably traditional or acceptably radical? Can a borrowed vocabulary communicate our most intimate thoughts and feelings? Is it possible to live a South Asian, femme, and queer life—in our own image, on our own terms?

We live in a world of labels. Some of them are handed to us before we even know what they mean. And others we wear proudly, the hard-won battle scars of our struggle to name ourselves.

But one thing is for sure:

You’re here, you’re queer, and you’ve got a story to share. Tell it to us.

Details Here


Muchacha Fanzine presents Issue #9 “Body Positivity”

This edition of Muchacha aims to challenge the mainstream white/heterosexual/able-bodied/cisgender-centric feminist movement of “body positivity.” The intention of this issue is to reclaim the term “body positivity” in a way that is inclusive of diverse voices and encourages reflectivity on how bodies can also be cause for pain, conflict, and/or healing.

This 40 page edition includes body positivity visual art, a letter to a hipster guy who would never date a vegan, a brown body at a punk show, gentrification, song lyrics, empowering poetry, body diversity in videos and tv shows, if barbie were real, body positivity from a queer, fat, trans*, chronically ill perspective, self-love collages, a roller derby story, a Southern Woman’s Bookstore announcement, and more!

If you haven’t heard, Muchacha Fanzine/the Denton Femme Fest organizers have teamed up to open the 13th feminist bookstore in the U.S.: Southern Woman’s Bookstore in Denton, Texas.

All proceeds of “Body Positivity” will be donated to Southern Woman’s Bookstore. 

We are different from other bookstores, because we place an emphasis on honoring diverse books and zines written by women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals, because we feel that marginalized voices, as these, need to be more widely represented and accessible to the community.

To learn more about Southern Woman’s Bookstore and to donate, please visit our gofundme page. You can also “like” us on facebook

Benefit Southern Woman’s Bookstore by ordering your copy of “Body Positivity” today! 


Moving from the self & towards the collective through “Southern Woman’s Bookstore”

I was asked an interesting question, how I came up with the name Southern Woman’s Bookstore. I feel that it was sort of a way to reclaim what it means to be a “Southerner”. This land was once Indigenous and Mexican. As a proud Latina and Texan, I’m tired of people thinking all Texans are conservative. Yeah, we might not live in NYC, LA or other huge cities, but there are so many radical people living in the South doing awesome things and we do not reflect the conservative lawmakers that run our states. I truly believe with all my soul that Southern Woman’s Bookstore & Community Center can offer a safe space for people to unite through their knowledge and cultural production. 

I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us thus far. It’s not an easy process to put yourself out there and fund-raise, but I keep the community in the front of my mind. I’m willing to compromise and give all my effort into this for the sake of the collective, so that I can move beyond myself and inspire community-building and artistic representation among women, people of color, LGBTQ individuals and allies. 

Like Gloria Anzaldúa talks about during the fourth stage of “Conocimiento” [the call…el compromiso…the crossing and conversion] She says, “In the fourth space, a call to action pulls you out of your depression. You break free from you habitual coping strategies of escaping from realities you’re reluctant to face, reconnect with spirit, and undergo a conversion” (545). I am ready to ‘take action’ and don’t think I’ll stop until the day I die.
To support Southern Woman’s Bookstore, please visit our GoFundMe.


Texas Grrrl Activists to Open 13th Feminist Bookstore in the U.S. 

In a day in age where a white dude receives nearly 60 grand for eating a potato salad, it is especially important to foster a sense of community by donating and promoting to activist projects that go perpetually unsupported. 

We hope that the tumblr community can help change this by supporting a project created by a woman of color, a queer woman, and a queer woman of color. 

With that being said, the Denton, Texas Femme Fest Organizers/the creator of Muchacha Fanzine are excited to announce the biggest project we have ever taken part in. We have teamed up and have worked endlessly this summer to share this dream with you… FUNDRAISING TO OPEN UP THE NONPROFIT INDEPENDENT FEMINIST BOOKSTORE & COMMUNITY CENTER IN DENTON, TEXAS, SOUTHERN WOMAN’S BOOKSTORE!!!

This bookstore would be the 13th feminist bookstore in the nation and it would include diverse books & zines with an emphasis on women, POC & LGBTQ writers, artistic events (open mics, musical concerts, film screenings, art shows), consciousness-raising workshops, and more! 


  • Donate through our GoFundMe! (Each donation matters despite the amount. Seriously if every tumblr feminist spent 1 minute of their time to DONATE $5, a safe radical activist bookstore and cultural community center would be able to exist and thrive and positively impact thousands of people in the South where a space like this is desperately needed)
  • Reblog this post! 
  • Spread the Word! Like us on Facebook! 
  • Check out our Website! 
  • Follow us on Twitter!
  • Donate books and zines! (Email us at for a mailing address to send them or for any questions/comments/concerns.) 

Stay tuned for the Third Annual Denton, Texas Femme Fest Nov 21, Femme Fest this year will be benefiting Southern Woman’s Bookstore. 

In a world where women, POC, LGBTQ projects are time and time again unsupported, please please please consider being involved in the preservation of our knowledge, activism and art!!!

Tumblr Community, I double dare you to support small town grrrl activism and reblog this. Let’s shoot for 100,000+ reblogs. 




  1. Duanna Johnson: In Febuary 2008, Duanna Johnson, 40yrs old, was arrested by two Memphis police officers and was brutally beaten and abused in a Memphis jail by the two police officers. Her assault was caught on taped and aired on major news channels, garnering major attention. Duanna went public, talking about her assault and became “the public face of our community’s campaign against racism, homophobia, and transphobia.” On November 10th, Duanna was shot ‘execution style’ between Hollywood and Staten Avenue in Memphis, Tenn.
  2. SANESHA STEWART: Sanesha Stewart was stabbed and killed on Febuary 10th, 2008, by an ex-convict who was enraged after finding out she wasn’t cisgender. Sanesha was 25yrs old.
  3. DANA LARKIN: Dana Larkin was murdered while working as a prostitute in Milwaukee, Winsconsin. She was 26.
  4. CHANELLE PICKETT: Chanelle Pickett was strangled in November 1995 at the home of William C Palmer after he realized she wasn’t cisgender. Palmer was quitted of murder and only served 2yrs in prison on assault and battery charges. Chanelle was 23.
  5. VENUS EXTRAVAGANZA: Venus Extravaganza was strangled and stuffed under a bed in a New York City hotel. Her body was found 4 days after her death. 
  6. BRANDY MARTELL: Brandy Martell was fataly shot in the torso and genitals in a street corner in Oakland. Brandy was 37yrs old.
  7. LATEISHA GREEN: LaTeisha Green was fatally shot on November 14, 2008. Her killer, Dwight DeLee, was found guilty of first degree murder as a hate crime against gays.
  8. PAIGE CLAY: Paige Clay was found murdered in an alley in West Garfield park, Chicago. She was 32 and well known in the Chicago ball scene. 


Muchacha Issue #8
"Nuestros Cuerpos/Our Bodies"

"We are Texans, we are proud, and we’re here to fucking stay!"

As Texas residents, we, along with millions of others across this country and the world, are negatively affected as our bodies become a battleground for conservatives to dictate. Released at Denton TX’s second annual Femme Fest Benefit, this 30 pg edition is themed around reproductive justice. Topics include the birth of Cicada Collective (a group that provides access to reproductive resources in North TX), reproductive activism in Mexico, reproductive health 101, abortion chronicles, powerful poetry, visual art, photography, satirical lyrics destroying Rick Perry & promoting Wendy Davis, plus more!

Buy a copy here for only $2.00


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