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holesriotgrrrlfanzine asked:

Hey, thanks for following me back. Your work is amazing and really inspiring. I found your zine on etsy, and hope to get a few issues once I get paid again. keep up the great work.

Thank you so much. Your support means a lot. My summer issue coming up will be on “Body Positivity” if you or anyone you know is interested in submitting. I will post more info at the beginning of the summer. <3

Muchacha Issue #7
Fall 13’

"The Coalition Edition"

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” -Audre Lorde

"The Coalition Edition" is an attempt to explore questions such as, "How can we work with our differences in new ways? How can we learn to hear one another more fully? How can we heal ourselves while also addressing systemic oppression?". In this 33 page edition, a handful of talented contributors address coalition building in diverse ways. Topics discussed include bridging the gap between academia and activism, building coalitions towards a trans* inclusive health care, discovering community through music, the complicated realities of passing, immigrant activism, and the relationship between activism and art. Perfect for any activist looking for ways to build community across difference!

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fisa-is-your-friend asked:

Has the coalition edition come out already?

It is already made but I am out of town until January. I will announce it on tumblr after new year’s and it will be available for purchase on etsy! This will actually be a double release as I will also be releasing the 8th issue of Muchacha “Nuestros Cuerpos Our Bodies”. Stay tuned!


Couldn’t have put that better than artist Favianna Rodriguez.

Across the U.S. And globally, reproductive health resources are becoming more difficult for women, people of color, working class people, the LGBTQ community and others to access. The 8th edition of Muchacha “Nuestros Cuerpos/Our Bodies,” invites anyone from all corners of the world to share their stories, thoughts, art, photography, poetry, comics, essays, songs and more about anything regarding reproductive justice. All contributions will be featured at Denton, TX’s Femme Fest Benefit for the Cicada Collective as the zine will be premiering there. Please submit writing via email using microsoft word and simply attach images. In order to be published, all submissions must be sent to Daisy at by no later than November 15th. In your submission you have the option of including a short bio/contact/website info. You can also remain anonymous. All of the contributors will receive free copies including domestic/international shipping.

En los Estados Unidos y a nivel mundial, los recursos de salud reproductiva son cada vez más difíciles para las mujeres, personas de color, los pobres, la comunidad lesbiana/gay/bisexual/trans/queer y otros para acceder. La 8 edición de Muchacha “Nuestros Cuerpos/Our Bodies,” invita a cualquier persona de todos los rincones del mundo para compartir sus historias, pensamientos, arte, fotografía, poesía, cómics, ensayos, canciones y más información acerca de cualquier cosa con respecto a la justicia reproductiva. Todas las contribuciones se presentarán cuando el zine será lanzado en Femme Fest en Denton, TX donde beneficiamos a Cicada Collective. Por favor, envíe e-mail a través de microsoft y simplemente pega imágenes. Con el fin de ser publicadas, todas las propuestas deben enviarse a Daisy a no más tardar que el 15 de Noviembre. En su presentación tienes la opción de incluir un pequeño bio/contacto/tu página.También puedes permanecer anónimo. Todos los contribuyentes recibirán copias gratis, incluyendo el transporte nacional y internacional.

DENTON, TEXAS- SUPPORT Small Town Grrrl rock/punk/jazz/hip hop/spoken word/comedy/zines/reproductive autonomy/empowerment!

In celebration of the artistic contributions of local women, we present Denton TX’s Second Annual Femme Fest. This event is intended to celebrate and honor the artistic contributions and talents of rising local female artists who are often underrepresented in their communities.

This year we are benefiting the amazing Cicada Collective, a local group of Reproductive Justice Organizers who aim to provide access to reproductive resources for local communities who do not have access to these resources such as communities of color, the LGBTQ community along with undocumented, incarcerated or criminalized people. 

This event will also be the premiere of Muchacha Fanzine’s 8th issue “Nuestros Cuerpos/Our Bodies.” If you would like to submit poetry, short stories, essays, visual art, photography, comics, rants, etc. concerning reproductive rights please email your submissions to Daisy at by Thursday, November 14th.

To donate to our event visit our kickstarter page.

“Our frustrations were built on the confusing feeling of knowing that the world is fucked up AND beautiful and we dealt with it by drowning ourselves in 40 ounces of liquid mixed with loud music that our older siblings made fun of.

Punk was a shit show, a wildly controlled, reckless, repetitive one-night stand with danger. It arrested people, it liberated people; it created enemies, it created comrades; it built fronteras, it built community.

Punk was the megaphone for my suppressed, teenage, Xicana voice. The collective voice of me and the homegirls.”

Brenda Montaño , Xicanistas & Punkeristas Say It Loud!: An Anti-Copyright Zine Chronicling Xicana’s in Punk & Beyond


Call for Submissions!
Muchacha Fanzine Issue #7 
“The Coalition Edition”

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” -Audre Lorde

How can we work with our differences in new ways? How can we learn to hear one another more fully? How can we heal ourselves while also addressing systemic oppression? Muchacha’s “Coalition Edition” is calling on feminists, POC, LGBTQ folks & individuals of all abilities, nationalities, sizes, classes & ages to submit stories, art, photography, comics, poetry, essays, song lyrics, doodles, lists of recommended books/movies/art, collages and quotes that focus on how different identity groups can go about building bridges and working together in our social justice goals. I am also looking for submissions on how to bridge the gap between academia & activism and between theory & practice. How we can dismantle systems of oppression together?

Deadline: Tuesday, Oct 8th
Email submissions to Daisy at
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